Snuggle Therapy in Paris

Last month, Petits Rituels teamed up with to promote “Câlinothérapie” in the trendy and popular Parisian pop-up shop “Le Comptoir”.  Claire and Nathalie's idea is to nurture the concept of “Snuggle Therapy” by creating cocooning products of pure comfort delight that will pamper you, reassure you and relax you.

Le Comptoir, pop up shop in Paris.

Ylang Ylang candle from Petits Rituels in shop window.

The “Couettabra” is their flagship product  – it’s a duvet with 2 arms which means that your arms and shoulders are snuggled under the cover when you’re on your laptop or reading your favourite book in bed. Pretty clever eh?

Couettabra from

Petits Rituels candles in "Le Comptoir" shop window in Paris.

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