Romantic Candles

Set the mood for your romantic night. Scent, along with touch, play a big role in intimacy. And the two invite one another...When there's exposure to sensual scents the mood for touch comes naturally and quite readily!  These 4 essential oils contained in our romantic aromatherapy candles can help bring a little more love and sensual magic your way:

Ylang Ylang  is sensual and exotic. It's renowned for its aphrodisiac properties and is perfect if you're after a sexy evening full of passionate love. We recommend: Petits Rituels Sensual Healing candle.

Lavender soothes and sets the mood for both calm and passion. It's a love inducing herb that Cleopatra was reputed to have used as one of her secret weapons for seduction. We recommend: Petits Rituels Provence candle.

Geranium encourages emotional honesty by facilitating the emergence of grief or pain that has been suppressed. It heals the heart, instills love and fosters trust. We recommend: Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande candle.

Petitgrain  is about relinquishing self control and instilling self acceptance and love. It helps us let go and be who we are, by having a calming effect on the brain. Ideal for a chilled out romantic evening. We recommend: Petits Rituels Fleur Boisée candle.