Press Reviews

ELLE Magazine

August 2017

ELLE UK Best Scented candles article.


“The packaging is so pretty we almost wish we could display it with the candle, but alas, our dressers are too full.”

View ELLE UK's feature of Fleur Boisée


Country & Town House

July 2017

Country & Town House best candles features.


“Best scented candles 2017: On the hunt for the best scented candles for your home? Up your home fragrances game with our round-up of 13 of the best scented candles, from fresh spring scents to cosy winter warmers.”

View Country & Town House's Feature


Natural Health Magazine

February 2017

Natural Health Magazine February 2017 cover.

“In need of R and R? Then look no further than Fleur Boisée Scented Candle from Petits Rituels.”

View Natural Health's article.


The Independent

November 2016

The Independent article 15 Best Christmas Candles.

Create a wintry ambience in your home with this deliciously seasonal aroma of spicy cinnamon and clove, combined with zesty orange and lemongrass. It’s not overpowering, like many scented candles.


County Wedding Magazines

November 2016

County Wedding Magazines 2016

Ivana Sidey reveals all the lastest beauty must-haves for the bride-to-be: 3 Green Beauty Brands to Love


Country & Town House

May 2016

Country and Town House May 2016 cover.

“A candle to calm your senses, with a blend of deep floral notes of rose geranium and the deliciously fresh citrus scent of sweet orange.”

View Country & Town House's Feature


Natural Health Magazine

January 2016

Natural Health Magazine January 2016 cover.

“January is the perfect time to treat yourself to a home spa day, says our beauty editor at large Emma Van Hinsbergh...for a proper spa feel with a more exotic vibe, I often go with Petits Rituels Sensual Healing”

View Natural Health's article.


Country & Town House

24th November

Country and Town House November 20115 cover.

 View Country & Town House Christmas Gift Guide


The Guardian Christmas Gift Guide

22nd november 2015

The Guardian Christmas Gift Guide 2015 featuring Petits Rituels By The Fire wax melts.

View The Guardian Christmas Gift Guide


The Little Beauty Guide

22nd november 2015

The Little Beauty Guide Review of Petits Rituels By The Fire candle.

A great Christmas candle is an annual essential and this beauty ticks all the boxes - exquisitely packaged, long-lasting and a great scent throw. It's the perfect indulgent festive treat for yourself or the ideal luxurious gift for someone special.

Read The Little Beauty Guide's review



25th October 2015

YOU Magazine cover 25 October 2015. B

“The aroma of PETITS RITUELS ORANGE GOURMANDE scented candle is notably fuller and more powerful than even some of its swankiest rivals. Using natural waxes and pure essential oils, many organic, this is a properly powerful head-clearing treat.”

Read YOU's feature


The Little Beauty Guide

29th October 2015

The Little Beauty Guide Weekend Wish List - The October List

“We've battled through and narrowed our most wanted down to 10 fabulous products.”

Read The Little Beauty Guide's article



21st October 2015

Stylenest magazine.


“This blend is infused with spicy cinnamon and clove, so it does have a definitive festive thing going on, but I love the way that zesty orange and lemongrass give it a zingy edge.”

Read Stylenest's article


The Style Lane

19th October 2015

The Style Lane featuring Petits Rituels Giveaway.


“There’s no feeling in the world more comforting than a beautiful nostalgic, cosy scent and a soothing flickering light illuminating your room. Petits Rituels room-transforming home fragrances are no exception.”

Read The Style Lane's article


Emerald Street

14th October 2015

Emerald Street 14th October review of Petits Rituels Minty Bonbon wax melts.

“Wowee. Ten minutes later our home smelled like a cross between a sweet shop and a herb garden.”

Read Emerald Street's article


Good Housekeeping

6th October 2015

Good Housekeeping Magazine October Issue.

Read Good Housekeeping Magazine's article


Woman Magazine

2nd October 2015

Woman Magazine Issue 42.


Blogger articles

Read our product reviews from Green and Health & Beauty bloggers. These bloggers providing these reviews have not been paid by Petits Rituels and were sent a PR sample.


This Natural Bee (previously Amber Beauty Talk)

24th October 2017

Amber's review of Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande candle.

One of my absolute favourite candle brands - the jar is so luxurious and founder Nathalie always creates the most beautiful scents.

Read Amber's review of ORANGE GOURMANDE candle


Really Ree (Rebecca)

1st May 2016

Really Ree's review of Petits Rituels Provence candle.

I’m not sure if it’s the essential oil, or the ylang ylang, or lavender, but something about the scent also smells like the kind of spa that you find in incredibly expensive 6 star hotels.

Read Really Ree's review of our Provence candle


The Beauty Shortlist (Fiona Klonarides)

15th January 2016
A French-British Love Affair: Petits Rituels

Beauty Shortist: A French-British Love Affair: Petits Rituels

“In the same way that Diptyque’s candles are beautifully packaged and beautifully scented, Nathalie Allard’s artisan creations for Petits Rituels smell as delicious as they look. And they’ve just landed at LoveLula, too!”

Read Fiona's review of Petits Rituels candles and wax melts.


Thou Shall Not Covet (Michelle Kenyon)

13th January 2016
4 Luxury Candles Perfect for Winter

Thou Shall Not Covet: 4 luxury candles perfect for Winter.

Read Michelle's review of BY THE FIRE candle.


Wonderlusting (Lynda D'Aboh)

16th December 2015
Wondergifting: Scentsational Christmas Candles

Wonderlusting: Scensational Christmas candles.

Read Lynda's feature of BY THE FIRE candle.


Small Bits of Loveliness (Jana)

15th December 2015

Small Bits of Loveliness' review of Petits Rituels By The Fire Christmas candle.

“The design is so pretty, love those boxes.

Read Jana's review of BY THE FIRE candle.


The Sunday Girl (Adrienne Lauren)

13th December 2015
The Best Festive Orange Candles

The Sunday Girl's review of Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande candlle.

“For those who enjoy sweet, floral based scents I fully recommend Petites Rituals Orange Gourmande Candle. A luxurious blend of bright, zesty yet sweet orange combined with luxurious Rose Geranium oil. Petites Rituals Orange Gourmande Candle has been created not only to beautifully scent the home but to help the user relax and de-stress.”

Read Adrienne's review of ORANGE GOURMANDE candle.


Hello Annabel (Annabel)

27th November 2015

Hello Annabel's review of Petits Rituels BY THE FIRE wax melts.

The scent is the epitome of Christmas, like you have a real tree up, with gingerbread baking in the oven and someone has been studding oranges with cloves for the past few hours.

Read Annabel's review of BY THE FIRE wax melts.


Really Ree (Ree)

22nd November 2015

Really Ree's review of Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande scented candle.

The Orange Gourmande fragrance is incredible. It is described as having a ‘happy warming blend of Rose Geranium & Sweet Orange.’ It is gorgeous and a couple of hours burn fills my house with scent that lasts and lasts. Even when it isn’t burning I can smell it. Lovely.

Read Ree's review of our ORANGE GOURMANDE candle


I heart Cosmetics (Sarah Smith)

3rd November 2015

I Heart Cosmetics' review of Petits Rituels BY THE FIRE candle.

“The scent is heavenly and fills my whole apartment with its gorgeous perfume.”

Read Sarah's review of BY THE FIRE candle


This Natural Bee (previously Amber Beauty Talk)

28th October 2015

Amber's Beauty Talk screenshot of Petits Rituels' By The Fire candle review.

“This candle smells absolutely incredible, just like Christmas! With spicy cinnamon & clove, zesty orange and lemongrass, I want to light it all the time! It has such an impressive scent throw though, that before I took photos for this post, I just kept it open in the box in my wardrobe room so that the room smelt amazing.”

Read Amber's review of BY THE FIRE candle


The Beauty Informer (Sophie)

26th October 2015

The Beauty Informer's online review of Petits Rituels Sensual Healing candle.

“I recently tried the Sensual Healing candle which combines organic ylang ylang, jasmine, rose and lavender. It smells absolutely gorgeous and has you in a calm and relaxing mood within five minutes of burning.”

Read Sophie's review of SENSUAL HEALING candle


Stylonylon (Julia Rebaudo)

18th October 2015

Stylonylon blog feature of Petits Rituels By The Fire candle.


“New candle by Petits Rituels in preparation for hosting Christmas at ours; it’s all cloves and cinnamon, lemongrass and sweet orange – 100% natural waxes and organic essential oils.”

Read Julia's feature of BY THE FIRE candle


Fashion Bite (Emily Seares)

17th October 2015

Fashion Bite Blog review of Petits Rituels candles.

“Petits Rituels is a new natural, aromatherapy candle brand I recently discovered and I’m a big fan. Sometimes a candle can have a beautiful fragrance initially, but then this disappears as it burns down. But, so far, the Petits Rituels ones are burning strong.  ”

Read Emily's review


Ana Goes Green (Ana Green)

10th October 2015


“Petits Rituels is a brand worthy of exploration if you are looking for good quality candles, the blends and the styling are truly lovely. A luxury treat for your home. ”

Read Ana's review


British Beauty Blogger (Jane Cunningham)

6th October 2015

British Beauty Blogger Blog.


“The Petits Rituels Wax Melts are my first experience of wax melts, and they are absolutely lovely!”

Read Jane's review


Beauty Balm (Sandra Robinson)

5th October 2015

Beauty Balm Blog.

“The scent is gentle floral which calms, relaxes and de-stresses the mind. Perfect to use while relaxing in the bath.”

Read Sandra's review


Online Mummy (Lorraine Bramley)

22nd May 2015

Online Mummy's blog.

“They are some of the best candles in my collection and have even better scent payoff as well as looks than some candles I have paid double the price for.”

Read Lorraine's review


Sugarpuffish (Sarah Coleman)

7th May 205

Sugarpuffish's blog.

“The blend of peppermint and lemongrass is truly wonderful. What I like most is I don’t even have to burn this candle to enjoy the aroma.”

Read Sarah's review




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