Only Petits Rituels creates the most beautiful room-transforming 100% natural fragrances with real therapeutic benefits benefits. Our candles are made with an innovative blend of all natural waxes and organic essential oils that delivers superior scent throw compared to most natural candles.

Scented Candles

Only Petits Rituels creates the most beautiful and memorable, room-transforming fragrances in delightful blends that give true therapeutic wellbeing benefits. Our luxury candles use ethically sourced 100% natural and certified organic ingredients to deliver an unrivalled scent throw to create an atmosphere of total relaxation.

Travel Candles

With our travel candles, you can enjoy your favourite scents and feel at home wherever you go.


4 Olfactory Destinations To Experience In A Lifetime

August 13, 2017

 With the main holiday season of the year now coming to an end and Autumn just around the corner you might want some ideas for your next trip.  In which case, I might have a few ideas for you. Perhaps you’re looking for a holiday with a different perspective.  Maybe somewhere which has a cultural twist but also where you can still enjoy long days languishing in sunshine.  Have you considered somewhere where you could enjoy the experience of delicious fragrance?  I’m assuming that you are reading this blog because you are interested in scent and as an aromatherapy candle-maker; I’ve spent much of my holidaying time finding new scents.  This means I’ve travelled to many different places well-known for... Continue Reading →

Are Your Household Cleaning Products Toxic?

July 13, 2017

The cleaning aisles of supermarkets are jam-packed full of different cleaning products, each promising to make your oven shine brighter than ever before, to get your wooden floors restored to their natural glory, to wipe away the deepest grime and bacteria in your bathroom or kitchen but in doing so did you know that they could actually be dangerous to your health, and particularly to children. If you’ve never thought about your cleaning products before, stop a moment and ponder what’s actually in your cleaning products?  At Petits Rituels, I spend much of my time worrying about finding premium quality all-natural ingredients because I genuinely believe natural is better.  I can also guarantee the benefits of using natural essential oils. ... Continue Reading →

Do You Know Why Flowers Produce Scent?

May 27, 2017

There’s nothing quite as heavenly as walking into a room full of gorgeous fresh flowers or enjoying the scent of a natural aromatherapy candle releasing its floral bouquet.  Equally, visiting a beautifully manicured park, sitting in a pretty floral garden or picnicking in an unspoiled meadow full of wild flowers is a magical experience of delicious fragrance that cannot be matched by manmade or artificial aromas.  Bearing the above in mind, have you ever wondered why flowers produce their intoxicating scent? Why is it that some flowers have a very strong smell whereas others barely emit fragrance?  Of course, you know it’s to attract pollinators but there are other reasons too.  Let Petits Rituels give you some insight into the... Continue Reading →