Candle burning in white frosted glass, budha in background


Small rituals remind us of our own sacredness

Petits Rituels is French for Small Rituals and that is what our brand is about, those charming little rituals that help us feel special and sacred. Lovingly handcrafted in England and 100% natural, our aromatherapy candles, organic oil melts and essential oil diffuser blends are designed to trigger positive emotions while you feel safely and comfortably cocooned. It’s not just the art of candle burning, it is all-encompassing.  Lighting a Petits Rituels candle or adding an element of spa-style serenity to your home should be habitual, an essential part of enhancing your daily life.  

It could be you enjoy a candle while sitting quietly, relaxing and reading a favourite novel. Or closing your eyes for just a while in a warm, cosy room and luxuriating in the aroma while you drift away with pleasant thoughts. It might be a part of your beauty routine for the soothing and calming mood it evokes. Each one of our products releases special therapeutic properties combined with delicious fragrance, both envelope your mind and awaken your senses. While the aroma subtly fills your room let Petits Rituels remind you just how cherished you are, that you deserve to be indulged and treasured.


Connecting with nature brings balance & harmony

The world we live in is unbelievably fast paced and chaotic. Sometimes we forget how to slow down and allow calm and restfulness to envelope us. There is often no time to truly indulge ourselves but it is important to remember to relax and unwind, to take time to reflect and look after ourselves. It is amazing how re-connecting with nature can balance our lives and the Petits Rituels collection is all about finding inner peace and serenity with the wonderful scents that nature offers us.

A carefully created special fragrance using only natural oils uniquely blended to release a beautiful aroma can bring contentment and relaxation. Every oil in the Petits Rituels products has its own intricate composition, dedicating itself to wellness, calm and happiness to bring about an all over feeling of luxurious pleasure.

There is something altogether satisfying about lighting and burning an all-natural candle, the fragrance is intrinsically different from artificial scents. Importantly, they are used in aromatherapy so are designed especially to bring joy and harmony because they trigger happy emotions. Turn down the lights and start to burn a Petits Rituels candle, the soothing properties are seductive and unparalleled and guaranteed to uplift your mood in moments.


We spare no expenses when it comes to ingredients

All of our precious products are 100% natural.  Each is created using pure essential oils sourced from the very best aromatic plants. They are processed at our distillery based in Provence, France who uses a process unique in the world that performs extractions at very low temperature thus preserving the molecular properties of the plants. The oils we use are not only luxurious and invigorating but almost every single one is certified.  Our aim is for every single one of our premium quality ingredients to be 100% certified organic. 

We also only use natural waxes including soya wax, floral waxes and beeswax and only buy the highest quality components. So you can be safe in the knowledge that we use no air born toxins and our candles give up to 40 hours candle burn time and 10 hours of wax melt fragrance.  

So what can you expect from Petits Rituels candles? The benefits are numerous. They fill your home with a natural scent so create a welcoming, calm and peaceful environment. They are also safe to use, we don’t include any paraffin wax or synthetic scents at all and the wicks are 100% cotton for clean burning because we don’t believe in anything other than all-natural. Finally, they are also a much appreciated gift, the smart packaging reflecting the brand’s luxurious values.


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