Essential Oil Wax Melts

Petits Rituels essential oil wax melts are 100% natural; they are made with nothing but natural waxes and pure organic essential oils. Unlike most wax melts you find on the market, they contain no mineral waxes and no synthetic scents and therefore no harmful chemicals are released into the air.

Our handmade wax melts come in multiples of 2 in a beautiful handmade cotton bag with a satin ribbon. That way you can use them as a scented sachet which you can put anywhere you wish around your home. You can leave one melt inside the sachet and place it into wardrobes or draws to keep your clothes smelling lovely and fresh and pop the other one onto a wax/oil burner and light a tealight underneath!

They make great small gifts, and are ideal as wedding favours, Secret Santa and teacher gifts.

Each wax melt that you burn will give you at least 10 hours of fragrance making them great value for money. Each wax melt are made from natural waxes and 100% pure essential oils.


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