About Me

Nathalie Allard

I’m comfortable being the candle maker behind the scenes but sometimes people want to know who I am. My name is Nathalie Allard and I am an ex-Parisian now living in the UK. Petits Rituels was born out of my passion for all things organic, a love of essential oils, the world of luxury and candle making as well as placing much importance in creating the feeling of wellbeing, comfort and happiness. It was the intoxicating blend of natural aromas and their curative properties that inspired me to create the brand. Synonymous with peace, tranquillity and sumptuous living, every single candle and wax melt that I create is to bring you the ultimate aromatic experience. The finished products will make you feel completely serene and the scent will fill a room without overpowering the senses.

I love the natural aromas of essential oils because natural scents are so much more “beautiful” than artificial fragrances, they provide the real aromatherapy and trigger powerful emotional responses from deep within. For me, there’s no feeling in the world more comforting than a fragrant smell combined with the soothing flickering light that illuminates a dark room. I'm passionate about making the perfect aromatherapy candle and I hope that for you it will be love at first strike.