About Me

Nathalie Allard

I am Nathalie Allard, Artisan Perfumer and owner of Petits Rituels. I would like to extend a warm welcome to the world of Petits Rituels. This website is my collection of deliciously fragranced 100% natural, enriching candles, wax melts and home fragrance. All of my products are handmade by me and designed to deliver a fabulous aromatherapy experience for the mind, body and spirit.


I Love Beautiful Fragrance

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for beautiful fragrance. Scent is very much a part of me and many of my memories are built on recognising certain aromas that remind me of people and places. In fact, I was introduced to the world of personal fragrance when I bought my first perfume, Nahema (1979) by Guerlain.  The floral fragrance was inspired by the legend of a sultan who had twin daughters, Mahane, gentle and obedient and Nahema (notice the anagram!), a passionate character - I love a story and I still use the perfume, 32 years later!

While I now live in the United Kingdom, I grew up in Paris, France. It is a busy, cosmopolitan city renowned for designer brands and luxurious living and of course, the French love fragrance. My French roots definitely play a large role in my Petits Rituels journey.  

I’ve also always harboured a passion for natural products, their very essence stirs me.  That passion grew when I discovered the wonders of botanical ingredients especially essential oils and their powerful properties.  I used to make floral water as a child with my grandmother in her kitchen using roses freshly picked from her garden in Brittany.

I love the natural aroma of essential oils, there’s no doubt that natural scents are so much more “beautiful” than artificial fragrances.  They provide the real aromatherapy and trigger powerful emotional responses from deep within.  For me, there’s no feeling in the world more comforting than a fragrant aroma combined with a soothing flickering light that illuminates a dark room.

I have used candles infused with essential oils for many years, to relax, to rejuvenate, to inspire and also to provide different aromatic fragrances in my home. That’s where my love of natural candles comes from and so I decided to learn more about the art of candle making, because it truly is an art and when undertaken with care, using sensational blends of intoxicating essential oils, the end result is extremely satisfying!


A Blend of Many Passions

My love of luxury could well also be a part of my Parisian roots. From subtle and discreet luxury that you see in the beautiful bottles from my favourite French perfumer Guerlain, to the timeless luxury leather pieces from Hermes emblems of exceptional craftsmanship and flawless elegance.

I’m definitely a home girl which is why I chose home fragrance as opposed to perfume and I also have a passion for interior design and natural lifestyle.  Combined with my fascination with luxury crafts, it felt very natural to blend my passions; fragrance, luxury, nature, home and candles together and that’s how Petits Rituels came to be.


My Quest To Create The Perfect Product

I find it deeply satisfying to shape something using hands. As an artisan I don’t just create with my hands, but also with my head, heart and soul. I produce in small batches and use the highest quality ingredients or materials because I’m on a quest to create the perfect product not the cheapest. I take care to ensure each fragrance I develop is absolutely perfect because I want to enthuse you, my customer and encourage you to fall in love with my products.  

I feel strongly that fragrance embodies the world of well-being too and with the right ingredients, can bring comfort and happiness.  All of my products are created to be synonymous with peace, tranquillity and sumptuous living so bringing you the ultimate aromatic experience. 

My wish is that when you use your Petits Rituels product, it will make you feel completely serene and the scent will fill a room gently but without overpowering the senses.  Every order is completely handmade and I even package and send each item – that’s why you know the product you receive is something really precious. I hope that for you, it will be love at first strike!





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