Orange GourmandeTM Candle Press Reviews

Read the reviews of Petits Rituels Orange GourmandeTM candle from magazines, Green and Health & Beauty bloggers. Bloggers and journalists providing these reviews have not been paid by Petits Rituels and were sent a PR sample.

What Bloggers Say

Really Ree (Ree)

Really Ree's review of Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande scented candle.

"The Orange Gourmande fragrance is incredible. It is described as having a ‘happy warming blend of Rose Geranium & Sweet Orange.’ It is gorgeous and a couple of hours burn fills my house with scent that lasts and lasts. Even when it isn’t burning I can smell it. Lovely."

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Online Mummy (Lorraine Bramley)

Online Mummy's blog.

"I love orange scented candles, they work at all times of the year and this one is definitely something wonderful. I could even go to say it’s the best orange scented candle I have tried. This is a very ‘happy’ candle. It brings warmth into the house when it’s raining outside and you can’t help smiling when you smell it."

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The Sunday Girl (Adrienne Lauren)

The Best Festive Orange Candles

The Best Festive orange candles by Adrienne Lauren.

"Petites Rituals Orange Gourmande Candle has been created not only to beautifully scent the home but to help the user relax and de-stress."

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Press Articles


YOU Magazine cover 25 October 2015. 

Fall's gold: A harvest of natural ingredients and earthy goodies.

"The aroma of PETITS RITUELS ORANGE GOURMANDE scented candle is notably fuller and more powerful than even some of its swankiest rivals. Using natural waxes and pure essential oils, many organic, this is a properly powerful head-clearing treat."

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Woman Magazine

Woman Magazine Issue 42. 

"We’ve rounded up the best new buys out this month, from fabulous foodie treats to anti-ageing hair and beauty wonder products. Get these on your shopping list!"

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Stylenest magazine's review of Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande candle. 

"This blend is infused with spicy cinnamon and clove, so it does have a definitive festive thing going on, but I love the way that zesty orange and lemongrass give it a zingy edge."

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