7 Ways To Make Your Home Cosy For Winter

by Nathalie Allard October 13, 2019

Grey and white cat lying on a bed.

As the days get shorter and shorter and the hours of sunlight get smaller and smaller with no end in sight, it’s hard to stay positive and in a good mindset, especially for those that suffer with S.A.D. However, there are ways in which you can cozy up your home to make it feel more inviting, a safe haven to retreat to when trying to escape the cold winter months. 

Here are some simple things you can do to create a warm and cozy place to hunker down…



Gather your favourite books

Pile of reading books in cosy room.

As the nights get longer and longer, it’s easy to fall into a TV binge-watching pattern. It’s easy to plonk yourself down in front of the TV and pretend the long nights don’t exist. However, why not make the most of it instead by catching up on some reading. Find all those books you always meant to read but never had the time, find yourself a comfy place on the sofa and snuggle in. The cold, dark nights will fly by!



Find your favourite films

Happy woman watching TV and eats popcorn at night.

Instead of watching all that pointless TV, why not get out all your favourite films and hunker down to watch some of those. Grab your favourite blanket and softest pillow and transport yourself wherever you fancy!



Get the fire going

Cosy fireplace.

Those of us who have a fireplace feel like the luckiest people on earth in the cold winter months. Getting a fire going is by far the best thing you can do to make your house feel snuggly and warm. Make sure you are stocked up on firelighters and fuel so you’re good to go as soon as it starts to get cold. Even watching the flames dancing in the fire can be such a warming, comforting feeling. And of course, you can light our BY THE FIRE candle for the perfect cosy atmosphere.


Candles are your best friends

Petits Rituels candle burning in living room.

If you don’t have a fireplace, that’s ok. You can bring the fire and warmth in to your home through naturally scented candles instead. Watch the dancing flames make beautiful shadows on the walls, with wafts of warming scents fill the room as you get cozy. Scents such as orange, cinnamon or even cranberry are great for this time of year.



Add more cushions & blankets

Cushions and teal blanket on pink sofa.

You don’t need to turn the heating on, or up in the colder weather. You just have to think outside the box. If you have bare/wooden floors or tiles perhaps, by adding a rug, you will make it feel so much warmer. Even if it’s just a small carpet runner next to the side of your bed for your bare feet when you first wake up. Add some blankets or throws to the backs of your sofas so when it does get a bit colder in the evenings, they are ready and waiting to keep you warm and safe. Even a soft cushion or pillow on the sofa or for your bed!



Get out your favourite mug

Yellow and white stripy mug with steam on kitchen table.

A mug of your favourite hot chocolate will keep you feeling warm and cozy through the winter months. Hugging the mug with your hands and feeling the warmth flow through you as you sip away at it. Jut make sure you have all your toppings at the ready, just in case!


Close the curtains

So you don’t have to sit and stare into the darkness in the evenings, pretend it isn’t there, shut it out by closing your curtains early. If you can’t see it, you won't stare at it longingly awaiting the sunshine to come back.


About the author: Becky Derbyshire is a UK based lifestyle blogger with a love for interior design and a passion for health & fitness. 

Photo credits: Nine KöpferToa Heftiba, jeshoots.comPavan TrikutamDevon Janse van RensburgAlexandru G. Stavrica 

Nathalie Allard
Nathalie Allard


Nathalie Allard is an Artisan Perfumer and the founder of Petits Rituels. She’s known for creating beautiful room-transforming 100% natural fragrances with real therapeutic benefits.

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