Well-Being Rituals

"Transforming your everyday routines into small moments of indulgence reminds us of our own sacredness."

Ritual #1

Drink a glass of lemon water before your breakfast to cleanse your body.

Ritual #2

Bless your morning coffee or tea with vibes of productivity and creativity.

Ritual #3

Shower yourself in happiness with the scent burst experience of Lemon Verbena and French Lavender.

Ritual #4

Drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of Manuka honey* to help you sleep and boost your immune system.

Ritual #5

Slow is good, it helps you focus. So if you're having trouble concentrating on one thing, pause and make a brew.

Ritual #6

This ritual incorporates so many lovely things. Cocooning, heavenly scent and calm. Our Floral Sensations candle is totally my favourite scent for this ritual. Light your candle one hour before climbing into bed to allow the scent to fill the room. Enjoy a good book, with the candle lit on your bedside table. Simply heaven!


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