How To Achieve Your Goals With Daily Routines

by Nathalie Allard April 24, 2015

Daily routines.

Achieving personal or professional goals can be difficult unless you build that effort into daily routines. I’m going to share with you 3 things that have helped me achieve the goals that I set myself for and have enabled me to fast-track my business in order to be where I am today.



I’m a huge fan of consistency and daily routines help me create consistency in my life. I’ve been growing my business despite working full-time, and in just over 5 years I managed to expand my collection of natural home fragrance products, appear in top lifestyle magazines such as Country & Town House, Elle and The Independent whilst operating my online shop.

I feel that consistency is one of the things for each of us in our lives that can make such a tremendous difference. If you take it out of business for just a moment, and think of a habit like exercise, you do it every day and may be when you’re doing it every day you feel good, but you do that over a year and all of a sudden you have incredible health, energy and vitality.

The same thing can be applied to anything in our lives and over time you can build this incredible body of work and for me I believe it’s really your habits that determine your success.

So one of the beauty with consistency is that it starts to give you structure, and you can start to create some real momentum in your life.


 At the beginning, there was so much I wanted to put out to the world, so I started something then another, and I ended up having achieved very little.

So the other thing I want to talk to you about is prioritisation. We live in a world where there are so many things that are competing for our attention, so you need to prioritise the things that matter and do them no matter what. Every day, I write a list of 3 things that I will do no matter what. I even have my daily walk with Columbo the handsome Golden Retriever, and now I want to talk to you about the third thing.


Feeling good inside as well as on the outside, and creating a comforting space around you can give you exactly what you need to stay focused, balanced and re-energised. Small daily routines where you can practice a little self-indulgence are incredibly important. They ground us regardless of what’s happening around us. My morning routines set the tone for the whole day. I have an empowering breakfast ritual that even starts the night before but when I’m done this sends my brain an important message: “today is a fresh clean slate and I’m going to have an amazing productive day!”

I started making scented candles because I love the natural aromas of essential oil and there’s nothing more comforting than a fragrant smell combined with the soothing flickering light that illuminates a dark room. Lighting a candle is one of my favourite rituals and I love to indulge on luxury candles where no expense has been spared when it comes to ingredients.

What are your favourite rituals and how do they help you stay focused and achieve your goals?

Nathalie Allard
Nathalie Allard


Nathalie Allard is an Artisan Perfumer and the founder of Petits Rituels. She’s known for creating beautiful room-transforming 100% natural fragrances with real therapeutic benefits.

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